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The Only Full Service Dry Cleaning Operator in Utica, NY

Since 1946, the Singe family has been providing Utica, NY and its surrounding communities with full service dry cleaning. Learning the ropes from his father at Singe Cleaners starting when he was just 7 years old, Vincent Jr. has been able to take his knowledge and expertise and grow Dapper Dan Dry Cleaning into the respected, trusted and successful business that it is today. He has now evolved into 4 locations throughout Utica and New Hartford and offer everything from dry cleaning and shirt laundry to full tailoring, alterations, gown preservations and more.

What makes Dapper Dan Dry Cleaning stand out from its competitors is that Vincent (president) performs and inspects all of the work onsite - nothing is sent out to external vendors! We are the ONLY full service dry cleaning operator in Utica, NY - so you can rest assured that your items are receiving the top quality and care that they deserve. 

We are also the only "Greener Cleaner" in town. Here's what that means for you, your items and the environment:

Cleaning Products: 

At Dapper Dan Green Cleaners, we use the full line of Nature Clean products. Nature Clean is manufactured by the Frank T. Ross company right in Scarborough, Ontario and has been in business since the 1960's. It uses all natural, biodegradable ingredients and are made without perfumes, bleaches, added coloring, animal products, phosphates, or suspected carcinogens. None of the products are tested on animals and they are all hypoallergenic and 100% non-toxic to you and your family, and have the Environmental Choice Canadian seal.

Why Green?
The use of harsh cleaning chemicals has detrimental effects on both the environment and our own health. The run off of the chemicals flows into our water systems, lakes, and rivers. This greatly affects the animals which live both in and out of the water, as well as the very water that we drink. Even in our homes, the fumes and residues of harsh chemicals significantly reduce the indoor air quality bringing great risks to us and our families. Harsh cleansers containing carcinogens are of particular concern due to their links with cancer.

The benefits of natural cleaners far outweigh those of harsh chemicals: natural cleansers work just as well if not better than the regular harsh cleansers, costs almost the same, they provide no risk to occupants or to the cleaners, and they are not hazardous to the environment whatsoever. The question should not be "Why green?", the question should indeed be "Why not green?"

Trusted with your personal garments since 1946, Dapper Dan Cry Cleaning offers a fast and efficient 3-day turnaround for most items. Need an item sooner? They have 1 hour, same day service and other great specials to fit your every need.

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Dapper Dan Dry Cleaning can help you look the best for less!

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